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Matrimony : Tangible or intangible good of artistic or historical importance inherited from women
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25 09 2022

Bilingual play (LSFB/FR) – Aurore, Sur le bout des doigts company

Matrimony Days 2022
15:00-17:00 Tour à Plomb (cultural room)

​​The ASBL and theater company "Sur le bout des doigts" (on the tip of the fingers) presents bilingual plays in spoken French and LSFB (Francophone Belgian Sign Language) with deaf and hearing actors. Aurore is the company’s fourth play, featuring Dani Athanassiadis and Sarah Navarro. The play Aurore is inspired by the private and literary life of a woman, Aurore Dupin, a public woman and writer known under the pseudonym George Sand. Aurore’s private and literary lives are tightly intertwined. Her entire life, she denounced discriminations against women in the early 19th century. The figure of George Sand, who bent the rules to earn independence and freedom, is the play’s leitmotiv.

The ASBL and theater company "Sur le bout des doigts" presents bilingual plays, in spoken French and LSFB, with deaf and hearing actors. Sur le bout des doigts was founded in 2017 by Sarah Navarro, a professional actor and the company’s artistic director. Sur le bout des doigts enacted three plays for their audiences, Signé Célestine, À la frontière des rêves and Flash! Their aim is to bring together hearing and deaf people on stage and in the audience, so they can enjoy a cultural and artistic moment together.

Rue de l’Abattoir 24 1000 Brussels | 140 people max. | FR & LSFB | Registration required

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