September 2024
Brussels 6th edition

Matrimony : Tangible or intangible good of artistic or historical importance inherited from women
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23 09 2022

Collaborative workshop of data portraits and risography – Data d’Elles Citynova X Frau Steiner

Matrimony Days 2022
09:00-17:00 Tour à Plomb (multipurpose room)

A day to learn more about women from Brussels who made history, the creation of data portraits and the printing technique called risography. You will discover the world of data visualization and we will ask you to search for information about women from the past related to Brussels. Then the risography technique will be presented to you so that together we can create printed cards representing these women.

Citynova is a social innovation agency that designs and facilitates co-creation processes to enable the emergence of ideas and solutions. Frau Steiner is a design and printing studio in risography. The studio offers training workshops in risography related to graphic creation and experimentation.

Required knowledge: ability to do online research Equipment required: telephone or computer

Rue de l’Abattoir 24 1000 Brussels | 40 people max. | FR | Registration required

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Université Libre de Belgique
La Ville de Bruxelles
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