September 2021
Brussels 3rd edition

Matrimony : Tangible or intangible good of artistic or historical importance inherited from women
27 09 2020

Decolonial and feminist visit of the centre of Brussels with Mireille-Tsheusi Robert from the non-profit organization Bamko-CRAN

Guided tour
13:00 - 15:00Patrice Lumumba Square

The non-profit organization BAMKO-CRAN organizes guided tours with the theme of the Belgian colonization through heritage. These pedagogical activities allow to popularize the little known, ignored or falsified African historical heritage, but also to discover the hidden face of Belgian colonial history through monuments, statues, buildings and other infrastructures.

Patrice Lumumba Square (1050 Ixelles) | Max. 40 people | FR (EN-NL-LSFB on request) | Mandatory registration

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L'architecture qui dégenre
Université Libre de Belgique
Vlaams Architectuurinstituut
La Ville de Bruxelles
Tour à Plomb
Commune de Saint-Gilles
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles