September 2024
Brussels 6th edition

Matrimony : Tangible or intangible good of artistic or historical importance inherited from women
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24 09 2022

Discover the history of Belgian women architects – Guided tour in the Brussels city center with Elisabeth Gérard

Guided tour
Matrimony Days 2022
10:00-11:30 Rue au Beurre

This guided tour highlights the still-unknown buildings of the post-war period in Brussels; from the 1950s to the present day, in chronological order. It is an opportunity to take a fresh look on the city center and become aware of the heritage built by women in the neighborhood. This tour also aims to make the names of women architects who have had an impact since the post-war period known, disseminate them, and to showcase the evolution of working conditions of women in architecture.

Elisabeth Gérard is an architect who wrote her thesis on the career path of the first women who graduated in architecture at La Cambre (1929-1950).

Rue au Beurre, 24-28 1000 Brussels | 25 people max. | FR | Registration required

L'architecture qui dégenre
Université Libre de Belgique
La Ville de Bruxelles
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Cellule architecture
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