September 2024
Brussels 6th edition

Matrimony : Tangible or intangible good of artistic or historical importance inherited from women
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20 03 2022

From Maria Malibran to Jane Graverol, in the footsteps of women artists in Ixelles – Guided tour with guide-lecturer Fanny Paquet

Guided tour
Matrimony Season 2021/22
14:00-16:00 Rachel Blaes's house

The commune of Ixelles has been a popular area for artists and writers since the early 19th century. If male names abound in the collective memory, it is however much more difficult to remember the women artists who lived in this commune. This visit proposes to revisit the history of a dozen women from Brussels who lived from their artistic talent in the 19th and 20th centuries, while questioning the mechanisms of invisibilization of women in history and art history.

Fanny Paquet has always had a passion for the history of Brussels (geographical, literary, architectural...). She has been working for five years as an assistant and tour guide at the René Magritte Museum in Jette. Involved in the feminist movements, she tries to make women visible in the history of art and Brussels history in her guided tours.

Rue Dejoncker 48 1060 Saint-Gilles | 30 people max. | FR | Registration required

L'architecture qui dégenre
Université Libre de Belgique
La Ville de Bruxelles
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Cellule architecture
Commission Communautaire française