September 2024
Brussels 6th edition

Matrimony : Tangible or intangible good of artistic or historical importance inherited from women
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03 04 2022

In the Footsteps of the Musicians in the City: from Private Exhibitions to the Conservatory – Guided tour with Musicology PhD Student Fauve Bougard

Guided tour
Matrimony Season 2021/22
14:00-16:00 Église Notre-Dame des Victoires au Sablon

In this guided tour centered around the Sablon neighborhood, Fauve Bougard (PhD student at the ULB Musicology Lab) uses her research on women’s music education at the Conservatory and pre-existing research to make the women musicians who lived in the city during the 19th century resurface. The visit, through multiple venues, shall address the three main elements of women’s musical life in that century–teaching, the stage, and fairs–while questioning the specific challenges they faced. The tour will also spur a reflection on the paradox of silencing women in one of the artistic spheres with the most women that century.

Fauve Bougard is a doctoral student in musicology at the ULB and an FNRS candidate. After a dissertation on the composer Juliette Folville awarded by the Université des Femmes, she is currently doing a PhD on women's music education at the Conservatoires of Paris and Brussels and the articulation with the professional world.

Rue des Sablons 1000 Brussels | 25 people max. | FR | Registration required

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