September 2024
Brussels 6th edition

Matrimony : Tangible or intangible good of artistic or historical importance inherited from women
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24 09 2021

Screening of “Les Nouvelles Guérillères” & “Ma Grand-Mère n’est pas une féministe” + Talk

Matrimony Days 2021
19:00-21:30 Tour à Plomb (cultural room)

A screening of Elisa Vdk’s documentary “Les Nouvelles Guérillères” and Fatima-Zohra Ait El Maâti’s short film “Ma grand-mère n’est pas une féministe,” followed by a talk with Producer Elisa Vdk, the Imazi-Reine collective and other collectives.

Les Nouvelles Guérillères” by Elisa Vdk (70’)

Protesting at demonstrations, sticking claims in the streets, organizing bike rides in the city, decolonizing mentalities via art… Be it by themselves or as part of collectives, these women* activists fight against gender inequalities, racism and sexism in the urban space in their own way. Each action, at its own scale, is a protest against the ambient patriarchy and presents solutions for another nondiscriminatory way of living together, for a land where no one is silenced or vilified. A fourth feminist wave is taking over Brussels to make sure that no sister is ever left alone in the public space ever again.

Ma Grand-Mère n’est pas une féministe” by Fatima-Zohra Ait El Maâti (12’)

To begin with, Fatima-Zohra decided to make a film about her grandmother, celebrating the first generation of combative women and bringing to light the stories hidden behind these women–who are underrepresented in society. Starting with its title, the documentary aims to tackle the issue of Muslim women’s representation amidst the contemporary empowerment narratives that put European women forward.
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